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  Call the JunkLion™ supports responsible recycling and waste management. The information on this page is provided to help you manage your recyclable materials in a safe and efficient manner. Cherry Hill Township ordinance requires that you set trash and recyclables curb side no earlier than 5:30 p.m, the night before collection and no later [...]

Did you ever have the feeling that something was wrong, you weren't being safe enough?  I had that feeling when my husband asked for my help to lift a 47 inch helfty old school television.  It was attached to a stand and had tipped over, making it a two person job to readjust so that [...]

How to Help the World on Earth Day How many times do we have to hear Reduce, Reuse and Recycle before we take it to heart and follow this mantra?!  Visiting a local garbage dump may do it for you.  After seeing the gigantic moving machines with plows and steel spiked wheels for tires as [...]

This Year Make Room for Your Valentine Sweetheart It's that time of year again when we love to treat our Valentine to something special. Valentines can expect to be showered with gifts like: roses, jewelry, chocolates, dinner, spa treatments, etc. This year let's do something for the environment on Valentines Day! There is usually a [...]

Let the Mold Remediation Begin! Those of us with a basement or attic use them to store items that we'll later need at some point. This may include extra food (cans and pasta), seasonal clothing, memorable items... If you are living in NJ, you probably have a basement that has a specific way of [...]

The end of the year brings about a time for giving and receiving. Children get brand new toys and clothes while adults indulge in new flooring, unused furniture, modern appliances.... Then there are all of the boxes, wrapping paper and plastic that presents come in. Getting new stuff is exciting and fun, however it doesn't [...]

Please take caution! We are all very eager to get rid of the extra wood that has been created from Hurricane Sandy. That wood must be seasoned. Freshly fallen firewood can contain as much as 50% water content and won't burn in your fireplace. What to do: Clean your chimney at the beginning and at [...]

For over a week we witnessed horrifying images of the damage that Hurricane Sandy has bought to Jersey's shoreline, parts of New York, Delaware and Pennsylvania as well as other countries along its path. There are yet thousands without power 15 days later! Seaside Heights is still uninhabitable, and the Southern portion of Long Beach [...]

Hurricane Sandy Clean Up is Here Since Hurricane Sandy made landfall, she left behind tens of billions of dollars in damage. Entire communities are coming together to restore what was destroyed. Families are still unable to get back into their homes because of downed power lines, trees, flooded streets and homes, knocked down structures, including [...]

Giving Away Junk is a Serious Decision Since we do eviction, foreclosure and estate cleanouts, we end up with recyclables, donations and sellable items. We have vowed against giving items away for free online because of what you are about to read. It's one thing having a stranger on your property if they are [...]