What are you doing to help the environment, save our planet?

Maybe you have the mentality that you are only one person and can’t do much to help. I hope that this blog changes your attitude! Mankind won’t recover, but the earth will and has lived through the worst. This beautiful planet, our wonderful lives and all we have to do is be environmentally conscious.

More than two times the size of Texas and growing, the Great Pacific Garbage Patch is a floating landfill. Due to oceanic currents, non-biodegradable debris accumulates in the Pacific Ocean just off of the coast of Hawaii and Japan. Plastic bags get tangled with wildlife causing their death. Millions of pounds of trash just floating in our ocean and there isn’t much we can do to remove it. image of smoke stacks polluting the sky

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However, we can stop more from gathering there!

What are you dumping?

About half of your trash is recyclable: jars, aluminum cans (any metal really), plastic, styrofoam, paper, tires, appliances…

Give your trash a chance so that you can leave less of a carbon footprint.

I have spoken to some friends and family about this topic and turns out that most people are just lazy when it comes to recycling. It’s only another garbage can that the township sorts for us!

Where are you dumping?

What’s with garbage along the side of the road? I can somewhat understand fruit cores but bottles, cans and cigarette butts… I was on Cocoa Beach in Florida for a Space Shuttle launch one year. There were thousands of people watching the launch and drinking. The township set up garbage cans every 10-15 feet and somehow the beach was covered in cans and bottles. It was a sad sight for sure : (. Please be proactive rather than a polluter.

Thank you!