Holiday Waste

//Holiday Waste

This Year Make Room for Your Valentine Sweetheart It's that time of year again when we love to treat our Valentine to something special. Valentines can expect to be showered with gifts like: roses, jewelry, chocolates, dinner, spa treatments, etc. This year let's do something for the environment on Valentines Day! There is usually a [...]

The end of the year brings about a time for giving and receiving. Children get brand new toys and clothes while adults indulge in new flooring, unused furniture, modern appliances.... Then there are all of the boxes, wrapping paper and plastic that presents come in. Getting new stuff is exciting and fun, however it doesn't [...]

Holiday junk removal in NJ is something many people face after every major holiday.  Shopping galore; presents have been given and now there is the aftermath.  Lots of junk scattered as far as the eye can see.   What is a good citizen to do?  Well the first thought I have is to leave it. [...]