Junk Removal

//Junk Removal

Giving Away Junk is a Serious Decision Since we do eviction, foreclosure and estate cleanouts, we end up with recyclables, donations and sellable items. We have vowed against giving items away for free online because of what you are about to read. It's one thing having a stranger on your property if they are [...]

Call the Junkman for friendly, reliable, and professional full service junk removal for both residences and businesses.  From scrap metal to appliances and furniture removal to just plain old trash, you will be glad you called us! Call the Junkman for all junk removal in NJ with fast, friendly, and professional service. Has a tenant left [...]

Do you know that crimes are up from craigslist postings so much so that some police departments suggest that you proceed with the deal at their headquarters, even with My husband and I had to handle furniture removal left over from an eviction cleanout so we posted craigslist's FREE category for the items that we [...]

            There is a special reason why we do what we do, we love to get the junk out!  Decluttering is our passion, recycling is our way of life- everyone should do it. We have helped people by manage unwanted items that were just too heavy for them to handle on their own, they didn’t have [...]