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Please take caution! We are all very eager to get rid of the extra wood that has been created from Hurricane Sandy. That wood must be seasoned. Freshly fallen firewood can contain as much as 50% water content and won't burn in your fireplace. What to do: Clean your chimney at the beginning and at [...]

Before calling a contractor on Craigslist or a bandit sign, find out if they are licensed and insured. People can be nuts, aggressive and con artists. I didn't learn my lesson enough; third time was the charm. The first call was off of a bandit sign for air conditioning repair and recharging. Since my A/C [...]

Life is precious; no one knows when their time is up and unfortunately, those who leave this world have sometimes not prepared for what will be left behind. The loss of a loved one is most difficult for those who were close such as family and friends. Having to contend with the loss is it's [...]