Why Scrap Metal Can Be Both Profitable and Dangerous!

Many years ago, when we first go started we took on a junk job that required us to pick up the parking lot light fixtures that were being replaced with new, energy efficient ones.   A company was contracted to take down the old, outdated light fixtures that lit up the parking lots of a major retailer.  That company contacted us to remove the old, dirty light fixtures.  They didn’t pay us to do remove the light fixtures the pay was in the scrap metal.

Choose Health Over Work

Be Careful

We got a call every night around 9pm that they were ready for us and we’d go get the gigantic light fixtures.  The next day we took them apart to get to the copper inside because scrapping them as is wouldn’t yield the best profit.  After doing this for a few days we realized that the materials inside were most likely cancerous.  We had been wearing only gloves but now we started wearing Tyvek suits, goggles and cartridge breathing masks!

A profitable gig may not be all that it appears.  Although we were making decent money, we were probably harming our bodies.  Between the guano (bird droppings) and the possible asbestos inside the fixtures, we couldn’t be too careful.  We ended up just scrapping the fixtures as a whole in order to save our health.  What would you have done?