Do you know that crimes are up from craigslist postings so much so that some police departments suggest that you proceed with the deal at their headquarters, even with My husband and I had to handle furniture removal left over from an eviction cleanout so we posted craigslist’s FREE category for the items that we didn’t want. I put my address and phone number, which I will NEVER do again.

Furniture removal by free loaders could be a bad move!

It was a clear day, mid afternoon and a lady with missing teeth knocked on my door for a free mattress. Since she looked somewhat suspicious, I didn’t open the door. I spoke to the lady through the door explaining that the mattress was on the driveway. As I looked out the window, I saw a man with her going over to my garage. The man then jiggled the handle as he tried to open the garage. Seconds away from my calling the police, the lady came back to the door and asked where the mattress was. I again told her that it was at the end of the driveway. They didn’t even take the mattress, just drove off. It was for sure the scariest feeling, since I was home alone with two small kids and some guy was trying to get into my house for FREE furniture. Just don’t put yourself into a predicament where strangers are invited onto your property alone without knowing something about them. The best bet for anyone needing furniture removal, junk removal, appliance recycling is to call a professional junk removal company to take it away. Usually these companies charge very little money for appliance recycling because they can scrap the metal for some money. With furniture removal, there is the liability of the inherent dangers associated with this task. Furniture can be heavy, oddly balanced, and easily cause an injury to the inexperienced or ill-prepared. Additionally, there is the potential for scratched floors, broken items, wall damage, etc. With a professional company, their insurance will cover accidental damages so you should be covered. The most important thing to consider is your safety, not only with furniture removal, but in finding the right help and how you go about it.