When you Call the Junkman, you call a junk removal company in NJ that is proud to be environmentally friendly by recycling items from junk pick up jobs.  Many of us have garages full of junk, yards full of items that just seem to sit there getting rusty or rotten, or basements full of old appliances, boxes of things that are nothing short of trash, as well as attics full of items that you no longer need or want.  Declutter your life by taking action on that junk now!  Even used toys and clothes can be reused by someone less fortunate.  Some items that you may just “throw out” get piled up in our landfills; never being recycled, but instead adding to the garbage management problems of the environment and economy.  Tires, small appliances, paint cans, glass, metal…can all be hazardous as well as useful and therefore must also be recycled!  Tires are shredded to make rubber mulch.  Appliance recycling and scrap metal pick upare reasons to Call the Junkmanbecause it can be melted down at the scrap yard and reused for worthy purposes.


Remember, we are all just borrowing this planet from our children so please do your part and recycle.  Some other great ways to GO GREENare by using stainless steel lunchboxes and reusable bamboo cutlery when traveling out of your home.