Hurricane Sandy Clean Up is Here

Since Hurricane Sandy made landfall, she left behind tens of billions of dollars in damage. Entire communities are coming together to restore what was destroyed. Families are still unable to get back into their homes because of downed power lines, trees, flooded streets and homes, knocked down structures, including houses and sand everywhere! Resources are available, however, not everyone is able to access them due to the hurricane’s aftermath. The exhaustion from not having power, lack of sleep, losing belongings (including homes), loss of business are all unimaginable but a harsh reality for millions up and down the East Coast. The clean up has already begun and will take months or even more than a year in certain areas. Having lived in Florida for almost a decade, we have seen what a hurricane can do but this is just ridiculous. No one ever expected this level of devastation. Government agencies are prepared to help, FEMA, and the American Red Cross, are offering assistance.

We will eventually rebuild and be stronger than before.

Those that had little to nothing will have even less unless the government offers support. I suggest we keep the jobs local to those from the area in order to give the work to those who need it the most.