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Before calling a contractor on Craigslist or a bandit sign, find out if they are licensed and insured. People can be nuts, aggressive and con artists. I didn't learn my lesson enough; third time was the charm. The first call was off of a bandit sign for air conditioning repair and recharging. Since my A/C [...]

Life is precious; no one knows when their time is up and unfortunately, those who leave this world have sometimes not prepared for what will be left behind. The loss of a loved one is most difficult for those who were close such as family and friends. Having to contend with the loss is it's [...]

What are you doing to help the environment, save our planet? Maybe you have the mentality that you are only one person and can't do much to help. I hope that this blog changes your attitude! Mankind won't recover, but the earth will and has lived through the worst. This beautiful planet, our wonderful lives [...]

Why Scrap Metal Can Be Both Profitable and Dangerous! Many years ago, when we first go started we took on a junk job that required us to pick up the parking lot light fixtures that were being replaced with new, energy efficient ones.   A company was contracted to take down the old, outdated light fixtures [...]

Reusing Junk makes sense As your local environmentally conscious junk removal company we are always looking for ways to recycle items that we pick up.  Through a recent concrete removal job, we acquired over a ton of pavers, asphalt and concrete.  Most municipalities will tell you that concrete and asphalt are not accepted at dump [...]

April 22, 2012 Today we celebrate Earth and the gift she is to us in so many ways. While living on the Earth we enjoy: Flowers Green grass Butterflies Songbirds Try to keep the planet in tip top shape. Bottom Line. If we can give her an easier time by recycling and avoiding the use [...]

Call the Junkman for friendly, reliable, and professional full service junk removal for both residences and businesses.  From scrap metal to appliances and furniture removal to just plain old trash, you will be glad you called us! Call the Junkman for all junk removal in NJ with fast, friendly, and professional service. Has a tenant left [...]

Do you know that crimes are up from craigslist postings so much so that some police departments suggest that you proceed with the deal at their headquarters, even with My husband and I had to handle furniture removal left over from an eviction cleanout so we posted craigslist's FREE category for the items that we [...]

Holiday junk removal in NJ is something many people face after every major holiday.  Shopping galore; presents have been given and now there is the aftermath.  Lots of junk scattered as far as the eye can see.   What is a good citizen to do?  Well the first thought I have is to leave it. [...]

            There is a special reason why we do what we do, we love to get the junk out!  Decluttering is our passion, recycling is our way of life- everyone should do it. We have helped people by manage unwanted items that were just too heavy for them to handle on their own, they didn’t have [...]