Did you ever have the feeling that something was wrong, you weren’t being safe enough?  I had that feeling when my husband asked for my help to lift a 47 inch helfty old school television.  It was attached to a stand and had tipped over, making it a two person job to readjust so that he could move it from his trailer.
Bulky TV Removal
It was a nice November day, late afternoon when my husband asked me to help him shift a heavy TV on his trailer so that he could remove it.  I took a look, felt a little weird about it and went back inside of the house to get a drink.  He asked again when I came back out so I climbed a ladder to get onto his trailer so that I could help to lift it up.  It wasn’t difficult to lift it up.  It was heavy but I was more concerned with the size of it.  When we moved it forward, back onto it’s stand, it kicked backward and tossed the stand out from under it.  The TV slid out from the stand and landed directly onto the middle of my right foot, my driving foot.

I immediately could tell that it wasn’t broken but I was very hurt.  I exclaimed, “it’s not broken” then passed out from the pain.  My husband had to climb onto the trailer and remove the TV himself from my path so that I could get off.  I was laying down on the floor of the trailer in extreme pain.  He cleared a path and then used a walker and ramp to get me to safety.

Days went by and I felt better but it was all in my imagination.  By not staying off of it completely, by not wrapping, elevating and icing it, I was injuring it more with every step.  A month went by without me going to the hospital/doctor.  I was still walking around with a slipper and limping.  My entire family forced me to go to the emergency room to get an x-ray so I did.  Nothing was broken.  The ER told me to stay off of it and it would heal in 6 to 8 weeks.  The time went by but no improvement.  I couldn’t put a shoe on in the middle of the winter!

Finally, my insurance kicked in and I was checked out by a podiatrist.  He put me in a soft cast for three weeks.  He told me to swim as much as I could and drive as little as I could.  After 2 times a week of an ultra sound and staying off of it, eight months later I was finally able to put on a sneaker!
What a relief : )  My foot is back to normal.  Had I been an employee, the business would have suffered from hospital and doctor bills, workers compensation claims.  Insurance is key when operating a business.  Steel toe boots are even more of an asset now more then we had ever imagined.  When we do even a “simple” job we are sure to wear the proper gear.  Steel toe boots, face mask, gloves, goggles, safety glasses, a helmet, ear plugs, a back brace belt and sometimes a tyvec suit.  Better safe then sorry.  This story is one of hind sight.  We should have strapped the television to the walls of the trailer or separated the base from the TV when it was first moved.  Now when we remove bulky tvs, we look at it as how will we balance the weight of an item so that it will move safely without injuring anyone.  “Slow and steady wins the race.”