Reusing Junk makes sense

As your local environmentally conscious junk removal company we are always looking for ways to recycle items that we pick up.  Through a recent concrete removal job, we acquired over a ton of pavers, asphalt and concrete.  Most municipalities will tell you that concrete and asphalt are not accepted at dump sites, and therefore will not be picked up.  There are, however, concrete recycling facilities in most counties.  Hauling over a ton of cement does use extra gas and ‘wear and tear’ on your vehicle so we found some great ways to reuse the pavers, asphalt and concrete many different ways.

Brick and Concete waste clan still have a use

                When putting up a fence, after placing the posts into the ground, we used smaller pieces of asphalt and cement at the base of the posts to hold them in better; then covered that with the dirt.

 There is a low, wet area on our property near a creek.  On a very wet day, that area becomes a small swamp.  We used some of the bigger pieces of asphalt and cement to soak up the excess water.  There are also areas of the yard that have small pits that are now flat because of the gigantic pieces that we carefully wedged in.  We also placed the flatter pieces of asphalt along the border of the creek so that we are able to stand near it without getting muddy.

After all that, we were still left with almost a half ton of bricks and chunks of asphalt or concrete.

Coincidentally, I sell personal items online and often times the potential buyer will come to my home to look; sometimes they want to negotiate.  I have offered for that person to take 3-5 lb pieces of concrete or broken pavers in place of the money that they are trying to get off of the price.  They tell me what they are planning to do with the pieces since I remind them that they are not to go into the garbage.  One guy put the pieces under his deck and another person used the pieces as a border of their property.

If you train yourself to look at how you can be reusing junk, you are more than likely able to save money and you will leave less of a carbon footprint on our planet.    Remember:  We are borrowing this planet from our children.  We want to leave them with a place that still has resources and safety.

Reduce, Reuse, and Recycle