There is a special reason why we do what we do, we love to get the junk out!  Decluttering is our passion, recycling is our way of life- everyone should do it. We have helped people by manage unwanted items that were just too heavy for them to handle on their own, they didn’t have the time to deal with their own junk removal, or they didn’t have the ability transport and handle old furniture, appliances, broken hot tubs, pool tables, construction debris removal, etc.

Real Estate solutions for everyone:

Because we have business relationships with licensed Real Estate agents, we are able to offer property securing for evictions, move outs as well as foreclosure cleanout needs.   Once your tenant moves out there will definitely be some kind of property maintenance, items to remove, walls to patch and paint.  We have helped people that live far from their properties by securing the property: changing the locks; bringing in cleaning crews; removing or repairing immediate hazards; and marketing the properties for rent or sale.

Once a client of ours who owned a hotel of 100+ rooms was once changing out their furniture.  We removed:  lamps; beds; tables; armoires; safes; dressers; and chairs and completed the job in less than a week. 

Another client was the owner of a major convenience store. They were changing their outside parking lot lights and did the right thing.  They decided to Call the Junkman! We were there immediately and every night afterwards collecting the dirty, asbestos covered, metal and glass fixtures that were later recycled. 

Many people are in the market for or have dreamed of buying a bank foreclosure or short sale.  When it comes to a short sale or foreclosure there is a normally hardship and many times usually problems with the house.  We are experienced with documenting thorough pictures as we remove and fix your property. 

Call Junk Lion™ when you need affordable real estate solutions with a professional attitude.  Estimates are free and we accomplish jobs quickly!