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A: Our standard pricing is calculated based on overall volume and weight of the total junk being removed. Additional factors could include accessibility or any additional constraints. Because we are so good at what we do, we are almost always able to give our customers a price that works for them! That means Junk Lion® is willing to work with you on pricing! We understand that not every junk removal is the same. Call Junk Lion® today for a no obligation consultation about your junk removal situation!
A: We have been doing this business for a long time and we are great at saving junk from ever making it to a landfill or an incinerator. Most of our customers are happy to know that a large portion of the junk we remove is then donated, recycled, re-used!  In other words, you don’t have to worry about what to do with all the junk!!! Junk Lion® has you covered!
A: Not necessarily.  Pricing is calculated on various factors, however, how your junk looks is not one of them! 😉
A: Yes, we love our PA customers! Junk Lion® is licensed and insured for junk removal service in Pennsylvania. NOTE: We do not currently service Center City Philly. Sorry! 🙁
A: Because of our commitment to keep our customers completely satisfied, Junk Lion® reserves the right to see the junk you need hauled away before giving you a final price quote. The good news is that estimates are always free and we will be ready to remove the junk just as soon as you say yes!
A: No, Junk Lion® does not currently buy junk.
A: No, we do not currently offer dumpster rental services.


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    When my boyfriend sold his house, he had a pile of junk and unsold furniture to deal with before the settlement. We found him on an online site two days before the settlement. A representative came right away to assess the job, came back later that night to start the job. He had another job the next night but he came back as promised to finish the job. He worked late into the night to complete the work, and it was thoroughly done. We made the settlement the next morning. (Junk Lion®) is very professional, responsive, friendly and courteous. I would recommend them to anyone who's looking to handle junk.
    A Jumonji , Paulsboro, NJ