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A: Junk Lion® takes a more personal and value-based approach to estimating cost of service compared to the other leading junk removal companies.  We calculate our service fees by taking into consideration the costs involved in each situation such as dumpster and labor costs as well as the value and condition of items to be removed; if the items have more value, the price goes down!
A: We have been doing this business for a long time and we are great at reducing junk to zero. A majority of the junk we take is donated, recycled, scrapped and/or repurposed. For certain situations, we arrange for a dumpster or other suitable container to be placed at the site and we do ALL the labor of clearing out your junk! We will even place the junk curbside for regular township pick-up where applicable. If these options are not convenient, we can provide even more options for removal. In other words, we have you covered!
A: Not necessarily.  Pricing is calculated on various factors, however, condition of the junk does go into consideration.  As long as the junk is not a health hazard (i.e. bed bugs, located on a roof, etc), price will not be significantly affected.
A: Yes, we are happy to coordinate services with out of town owners; including:  arranging for entry, utility service activation (if required), photographing the property both before and after services are rendered, and working with third party representatives such as Realtors.
A: Most other junk removal companies will refuse to give any numbers related to price over the phone, however, it is sometimes possible for us to give a rough estimate.  We do we reserve the right to adjust the telephone estimate upon arrival at the site.
A: We do not buy junk.
A: Yes, we love referrals and will gladly pay a fee of 10% of the referred service fee in CASH! Just make sure the referred party lets us know who sent them!

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When my boyfriend sold his house, he had a pile of junk and unsold furniture to deal with before the settlement. We found him on an online site two days before the settlement. A representative came right away to assess the job, came back later that night to start the job. He had another job the next night but he came back as promised to finish the job. He worked late into the night to complete the work, and it was thoroughly done. We made the settlement the next morning. (Junk Lion™) is very professional, responsive, friendly and courteous. I would recommend them to anyone who's looking to handle junk.
A Jumonji , Paulsboro, NJ